Elise Greene, LCSW

Elise has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Applied Sociology from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Social Work from Norfolk State University.  In 2015 Elise also earned her Certificate in Animal Human Interaction from the University of Denver School of Social Work.  Elise has a broad range of experience in the social work field:  working with military families and veterans; adults, families, youth and children; grief; palliative care; pregnancy loss; hospital social work; trauma; adjustment; anxiety; depression; community mental health and integrated health care situations.  Her practice focus is on helping individuals identify and utilize their strengths for positive growth and healing.

Elise is passionate about an integrated mind/body/spirit approach to health and the potential of Green Care, in general, and animal assisted therapy, in particular.

Elise is the mother of four adult daughters and three foreign exchange adult daughters.  She lives with her husband, four dogs, a cat, a pig, four chickens, three koi and a goldfish.

Elise Greene

Piper Greene

Piper is a black Labrador retriever originally from Richmond, VA.  She is a graduate of numerous obedience classes and is training for certification as a Pet Partner team with Elise.  She loves walks, riding in the car, belly rubs and kibble!

Elise Greene and Piper